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Creating a Memorial Garden with Ashes: A Guide from MH Funerals
Apr 24, 2024

Creating a Memorial Garden with Ashes: A Guide from MH Funerals

The creation of a memorial garden using the ashes of a loved one offers a meaningful way to honour their memory in a personal sanctuary. At MH Funerals, we understand the significance of creating a space that not only commemorates the deceased but also provides a tranquil spot for reflection and peace. This article provides practical steps and thoughtful considerations for creating a memorial garden with ashes, ensuring it becomes a cherished place of remembrance.

Choosing the Right Location

The first step in creating a memorial garden is selecting an appropriate location. Whether it’s a quiet corner of your backyard or a dedicated section of a community garden, the spot should offer privacy and tranquillity. Consider the amount of sunlight the area receives and its accessibility throughout the year, as these factors will influence the types of plants that can thrive there.

Selecting Plants and Flowers

When choosing plants for your memorial garden, consider selecting species that were favourites of the deceased or have particular symbolic meanings. For example, roses can symbolise love and grief, while forget-me-nots represent remembrance. Perennials are a popular choice because they return year after year, symbolising the enduring nature of memory.

Incorporating Ashes into the Garden

There are several respectful ways to incorporate ashes into a memorial garden:

  • Mixing Ashes with Soil: You can mix a portion of the ashes into the soil where the plants will grow. This act can symbolise the deceased giving life to the garden, a comforting thought for many.
  • Creating a Burial Spot for the Ashes: Some prefer to bury the ashes in a biodegradable urn within the garden. This can be marked with a special stone, plaque, or other memorial markers.
  • Scattering Ashes Among the Plants: Scattering the ashes gently around the base of the plants can also be a way to integrate the physical memory of the loved one into the garden.

Adding Personal Touches

To enhance the personal nature of the garden, consider adding items that reflect the life and passions of your loved one. This could include decorative stones, sculptures, or a bench where visitors can sit and reflect. Wind chimes or a small fountain can also add a soothing auditory element to the garden.

Ongoing Care and Maintenance

Maintaining a memorial garden can be a therapeutic activity, helping to process grief through the nurturing of the plants. Regular care ensures the garden remains a beautiful and serene tribute throughout the seasons.


Creating a memorial garden with ashes is a beautiful way to preserve the memory of a loved one. At MH Funerals, we are committed to helping you through every step of this process, from choosing the right cremation options to offering guidance on memorialising your loved one. A memorial garden is not just a place of mourning, but a living celebration of a life well-lived, providing comfort and solace to those who visit.