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Brisbane & South-East Qld

Planning a funeral with
MH Funerals.

Select the package that best suites your loved ones wishes.

Contact our dedicated Funeral Directors to start the planning.

For cremation only we have created an easy way to organise this directly online.

Pre-planning a Funeral is also available. Our team are available for any questions.

Why our costs are so Economic

Our modest prices are achieved by expecting less profit per
funeral than many other funeral directors,
certainly not by skimping or providing inferior service.

We always show you our full prices, we will not be vague
or try to hide any additional costs. You will find our
prices listed throughout the website from our most
basic, no service cremation for $1,290.

We also provide a list of additional fees and options that may impact on the overall cost of the funeral.

Funeral Types

Cremation With No Service Starting at
Only $1,355

Cremation With Full Service Starting at
Only $3,890

Burial Starting at Only $3,470

Michael Hutchinson
Funeral Directors

Michael Hutchinson Funerals, Skinners Funerals, and Murphy Funerals are uncomplicated and economical funeral directors.

We offer our services throughout South East Queensland.

We show you our prices throughout this website to help you determine the general cost of a funeral before you contact us.

There are many variables to consider when planning a funeral and we are here to help you.

We understand that this is a difficult time and that the cost of a funeral can sometimes be a hardship - so we provide you with flexible options which range from the most very basic cremation at a cost of $1,355, through to a full-service funeral with all services provided.